1. Copy the downloaded jar file into the lib directory of the Wowza installation

  2. Add the required module(s) to the list of modules in the desired application. To see which particular modules you need to add, please read the use-cases section of the documentation.

            <Description>Turns onTextData stream events into ID3 tags</Description>


If you set the caption ingest to CEA608 method using Wowza Engine Manager UI, it will replace the module with

Please make sure that the only CEA608 related module listed under <Modules> is the module that lives in the com.raskenlund.caption Java package. Having both modules installed can lead to flickering and broken captions.

When the Raskenlund module is installed properly, the Engine Manager UI will still display None caption source:

  1. Add the below snippet to the VHost.xml to enable the REST API. Please make sure this is not placed after an other provider that would catch similar requests, eg. after one that would match * requests.

    Don’t forget that there can be multiple actively used HostPort entries in your configuration and you need to add the HTTP provider to the one on which you are planning to receive API calls.

    The authentication method can be set to any of the values supported by Wowza Streaming Engine, it is set to none below for simplicity.

  2. Once the modules have been installed, please restart Wowza Streaming Engine.