Here you can find the reference of all the settings that you can apply to the module by editing your Wowza application’s Application.xml file. You can create and edit these properties using the Wowza Streaming Engine Manager’s user interface as well. These properties have to go into the <Properties> section of your file as follows:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Root version="1">
  <!-- trimmed -->



Defines the emitted caption types in the surrounding Wowza application. (ie open, closed or open,closed). Default value: open,closed.



The default word per minute setting that determines the duration of captions if the caption request does not override it explicitly.


The maximum number of characters per line in captions.


The number of repeated emissions for each CEA608 message. Default value: 1.


Controls the behaviour of subsequent and time-overlapping captions. If turned on (default), then lines gets merged and the module keeps track of the calculated expiration time per caption. The caption sent earlier is expected to expire earlier and afterwards only the latter captions(s) are visible, until they all expire. In extreme cases the expiration times could lead to reverse disappear order (e.g. long caption followed by a short one): the module extends the duration of the last caption to prevent this illogical visual effect.

If set to false, then any caption sent in will clear any previous caption immediately.

Default value: true



The name of the font used for rendering the open captions. Fonts can be installed to the standard locations recognized by the JVM and the operating system. Default value: SansSerif


The font size, default value if unspecified: 24


The font style expressed as a numeric value. 0 means plain, 1 means bold, 2 means italic and 3 means bold italic.


The font color, defaults to white. You can use lowercase English font names: white, black, grey, etc.


The color of the shadow, defaults to black.


The size of the shadow dropped behind the text to improve readability. Default: 1


The opacity of the background rectangle behind the caption between 0 and 100. 0 means opaque background. Default: 0


The color of the background rectangle behind the caption. You can use lowercase English font names: white, black, grey, etc.


Text alignment. Possible values are: left, center

Default: center


Horizontal position of the text in pixels. Ignored with center aligment.


Vertical position of the text in pixels.


Controls the auto wrapping function of the module.

  • on: line wraps in the caption itself are filtered out and the text is re-wrapped based on the specified line size

  • both: long lines are wrapped, but incoming line breaks are respected

  • off: only incoming line breaks are respected

The module treats \n or \n\r as line breaks, depending on the underlying operating system.

Default: on


The line length in characters used for wrapping. Default: 32