License migration

If you need to migrate your server to a new host, the license needs to be deactivated on the previous server before you can use it on the new server. This is the error message that you get otherwise:

2022-04-01  16:10:54        CEST    comment server  ERROR   500     -       Raskenlund License Manager: Maximum number of activations have been reached.
Please deactivate the product on the previous server or contact Raskenlund support for help _defaultVHost_

To perform the deactivation, you can use the command line interface of the jar file:

c:\wowza-4.8.17\lib>java -jar wse-raskenlund-captioning-1.0.2.jar
Missing required option: '--license-key=<licenseKey>'
Usage: java -jar wse-raskenlund-license-xxx.jar -l=<licenseKey> [COMMAND]
  -l, --license-key=<licenseKey>
         The Raskenlund product license key as set in your Application.xml file
  deactivate  Deactivate the license on this server. This allows activating the
                same license on a different server.
  verify      Check if the specified license key is valid, print out status,
                activation and expiration dates

c:\wowza-4.8.17\lib>java -jar wse-raskenlund-captioning-1.0.2.jar -l=W804-0000-0000-0000-0000 deactivate
Connecting to Raskenlund License Server..Raw response: {"result":"success","code":"400","message":"License key deactivated"}
Raskenlund License Manager: Deactivate 804 success SUCCESSFUL_DEACTIVATION (License key deactivated)
W804-0000-0000-0000-0000 deactivated successfully, you can now install it on a different server.


Changing a license

If you had the product working on your server with a previous license key and you need to change that to a new subscription, you need to:

  • Change the license key in the Application.xml file

  • Delete the raskenlund.NNN.lic file under your conf directory

  • Restart your Wowza application (or the entire server)